Google KRAFTON App - Are You Still Able To Sign In?


Google has recently removed the Google KRAFTON trademark from Android and iOS apps. Android users have been requesting the removal of this logo from their favorite apps for a long time now. Apparently, Google is worried about the possible plagiarism issue between Plants vs. Zombies and Pokemon. Now, developers have just released an official app to download the logo once again.

Google launched the Google KRAFTON application almost three months ago, 

Right after the launch of its application for testing on-board Android phones. You had to download Google's mobile app, sign in using your Google account, and then start the game. You had to save your game and pick a picture or a location where you want to take the best photos. The main goal was to do both as accurately as possible. Google made two major improvements to the game. It has now made it possible to save and share your highest score with your friends.

Google has also changed the Google KRAFTON format to prevent pre-registration

Anyone who registered for the game before August 15th will not be able to receive any rewards. This change affects only the iPhone version and has nothing to do with the Android mobile app. The old pre-registration link still works for now, but people who have already joined will not be able to see it. Google has also pre-registered people who were invited to play the game but haven't yet downloaded it. You can click on "My Friends" section in the Google Play app to find your invites.

Only people who have signed up for the Google Play app will receive the update. This includes anyone who is part of a community or household that uses the Krafton service. Since the update affects everyone who has received an invite, it will make the game less visible to members of your community. You can also check the mailing list to find any uninvited friends who haven't signed up. The first million pre-registrations are set aside in honor of Krafton's 20th anniversary.

Players looking for some quick and easy Krafton challenges can try out the new pubg mobile versions of the previous games in the franchise. There are three pubg battlegrounds to play: Farm Town, Canyon Outpost, and Wadiator Arena. The Farm Town and Canyon Outpost are free for all players, while the W Gladiator Arena costs $4.99 and is included in the Farm Town and Canyon Outpost purchase. In addition, you can purchase special "charged up" pubg stones to transform your stone into a powerful weapon. These stones can be used on the battlegrounds for a variety of effects.

As you may have guessed, the Google Krafton application currently has no indication when it will be available for download on the Android Market. The only hint they offer is that the testers who currently have access to the app can continue playing while the update is being worked on. No word on when Google plans to offer the update to their other apps, like Chrome, Maps, and Android. We've contacted Google to see if they'll be able to update the beta version of the krafton app soon and will update this post when we get more news.

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