Soorarai Poorna Pottru Movie Review

Soorarai Poorna Pottru Movie Review

Soorarai Pottru Movie

Soorarai Pottru, or Sunrise in Tamil, is an all-Indian Tamil-language adventure film directed by Sudhir Kumar Kongara and composed by Sudhir Kumar Singh and made by Guneet Monger and Suriya. The film stars Abhijit Mukherjee as the main lead, Ravi Kumar as Dhananjay, Naveen Kaushik as Pappu, and Ambarish Kharas as Ashok. The film was released in India on February 13, 2020, and later it was released internationally and picked up a number of awards.

The film begins with Jayasuriya, a young boy, playing hide and seek in the streets. A few months later, Jayasuriya is hired by a mysterious man, to play the part of a spy in a high-stakes game called "Celestial Mission". This game is one between two rival gods, and the winner will be crowned king of the world. But, Jayasuriya finds himself in a position that will change his life forever. After a series of mishaps, he realizes that his boss is a rogue God named Gajan. The story then moves into Jayasuriya's search for answers to the match, which leads him to the territory of Soorarai, where he meets a group of warriors known as the Kalingas. Together, they become a part of a team that will face challenges in the heavenly game, called the Celestial Tournament.

Jayasuriya finds the game is significantly more than only a simple game. His group is pitted against rivals from different planets, and this is when Jayasuriya's story takes a dramatic turn. On the way, the story explores many interesting themes, including love and friendship, family, love and trust, sacrifice, and trust and faith.

The story of the movie is filled with twists and turns, making the movie an engaging and fast-paced watch. Every incident is well-paced and exciting. However, the story can be slow at times as the characters try to come to terms with the fact that they're being manipulated in front of a crowd. Some episodes also deal with some significant topics like religion and politics, which might make some viewers uncomfortable. In this regard, the ending of this movie left some people disappointed and others confused but happy.

The cast of this movie also includes celebrity Sakshi Chopra as Kranz, who's famous for his roles in popular movies like'The White Stallion','The Godfather', and'The Fast and the Furious'. Actor Naveen Kaushik is also famous for his roles in Hollywood, such as Ashok Kumar in 'Sikh! ' , and Ravi Kumar as Dhananjay in the film.

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