Satyameva Jayate 2 - A Review

Satyameva Jayate 2

"I will never live without Satyameva Jayate." - Mahatma Gandhi, "Letter to a Friend" in India, July 25, 1938. It is the only quote that Gandhi ever wrote for myself; and the first sentence of this beautiful novel is taken directly from this quote. It is not that the author John Abraham is a plagiarist; on the contrary, he has taken many lines from Mahatma Gandhi's words to write this book. The book is actually the second part of a trilogy that Abraham wrote. In fact, it is a sequel to "Samyameva Jayate", the first part of the trilogy which is "The Battle Against Hunger".

Samyameva Jayate 2 story

"Samyameva Jayate", as the second part is called, is a must-read book. It is not that the story is too long; indeed, it is not long at all. But the length of the book is very important; for it is quite obvious that Abraham is inspired by his mother's life; by her struggle to feed her young children on a small income. It is a story that has touched her heart, but one that was too much to tell to the rest of us. "Samyameva Jayate" has a lot to say about poverty, hunger, poverty in general, and the ways to fight it. John Abraham is one of those rare writers who have understood the plight of those who are suffering from poverty. He is a great writer and it is good to see that the Indian novel is also getting popular these days.

"Samyameva Jayate 2" by John Abraham is a must read for those who love hunger-related stories. It is the sequel to "Samyameva Jayate". Both books are a perfect blend of a story of poverty and its causes with an inspiring message. Both books make you think. The book by John Abraham is a definite winner and one of the best novels I have read so far in this genre.

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