Laxmmi Bomb HotStar - The Laxmi Bomb

Laxmmi Bomb HotStar - The Laxmi Bomb

Laxmmi Bomb

The Laxmi Bomb is a highly explosive, high speed device that's used for demolition and war. The Laxmi Bomb is extremely powerful, effective at destroying the heavily fortified buildings, as well as coping extremely significant damage to the enemy's command and communications methods. The Laxmi Bomb HotStar is capable of destroying just about any type of construction in a single blast and it can be fired in a short time period, without the need of refueling or recharging.

The Laxmi Bomb HotStar is created by the combination of three bombs. The very first bomb is created from a combination of an explosive called H-Bomb and a hydrogen bomb. The H-Bomb is a really large device and it's powered by hydrogen and inert gas like xenon. The H-Bomb is the vital component of this Laxmi Bomb because it is the most effective element as well as the largest, deepest component.

Because the H-Bomb along with the hydrogen bomb are made from two different components, it creates a chain reaction, in which the 3 elements of the Laxmi Bomb Fusion is combined in order to make the Laxmi Bomb HotStar. This combination produces a massive explosion, and in turn the bomb explodes so as to destroy a building.

Once the Laxmi Bomb HotStar explodes, the explosion ends in massive damage to all surrounding structures, which makes the surrounding areas uninhabitable for human beings. It destroys everything around it including people and buildings. The Laxmi Bomb HotStar is capable of destroying structures and buildings so badly that there is nothing left of these. The Laxmi Bomb HotStar will leave nothing behind in order to ensure the death of everyone in that region.

There are 3 distinct sizes of the Laxmi Bomb HotStar, each using different capabilities. All 3 dimensions of the Laxmi Bomb HotStar are effective at destroying buildings in addition to other underground facilities, however the greatest one has the most devastating consequences, since it destroys everything in its path, even such as the ground itself. It also obliterates all communicating apparatus, so there is not any communication between the attackers and their enemies.

The Laxmi Bomb HotStar is the most effective weapon in the total Laxmi arsenal and it's by far the most dangerous due to its capacity to ruin all a nearby structure in 1 blow. The Laxmi Bomb HotStar is the most effective and potent weapon in the entire Laxmi arsenal and it is the most damaging weapon as well.

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