Escape Room 2: A New Chapter

Escape Room 2

Escape Room 2: A New Chapter is a horror/thriller adventure game that continues the adventures of the first Escape Room. This sequel to the acclaimed 2009 release Escape Room takes place in an exciting new location - the International Convention Center in Amsterdam. This second location for the game sees the return of the game's primary antagonist - Dr Nivekoff, who is now a consultant to the International Convention Center and an employer for its staff. Dr Nivekoff is convinced that his latest invention, the 'Tension Trap', will be of immense benefit to both the convention centre and himself.

Escape Room 2 release date, cast and more

The original Escape Room was a huge success, especially in the UK, and spawned several spin-offs such as the 'Tango Room', 'The Maze Game', 'Rendezvous with Roxy', and 'The Lab'. Escape Room 2 continues the tradition of the original Escape Rooms and follows the same rules as in the original game. Players are required to find and solve puzzles by filling out a series of 'minigames'. As you complete each room, a clue to its next location will appear on the screen, leading you to that location, where you must then use your clues to unlock the next door to progress. However, if you are unable to make it through the room within the given time, you will lose your current clue, and be forced to start all over again until you can find a way out!

As mentioned in our introduction to Escape Room, Dr. Nivekoff is an ancient evil scientist and former colleague of the main character from Escape, Professor Hans Voss, from the first game. In this second game, we see him returning to Amsterdam as an adviser for the International Convention Centre. With his help, he hopes to find a new cure for the 'Scissors Virus' which has caused the escapees of the original Escape Room to disappear. He uses the power of his technology, which he invented at the start of the game, to create 'Tension Traps' which will cause a chain reaction of events in order to activate the trap itself...

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