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John wick stands out in a crowd of overdone ,uninspired and boring action-adventure films,

John wick shouldn't of been as good as it is but with some great acting and fun world building John wick makes for a fantastic movie. My main issue with most movies similar to John wick are that most of the fight scenes have to many cuts so you can barely see what's going on. John wick doesn't have this issue in any of its action scenes.

Every fight scene is fun, exciting and a massive thrill ride, there are also just the right amount of fight scenes so they don't fill like director just randomly threw some in with no thought or reason other than just to keep the viewer entertained, also each location that the fight scene is filmed in is very different from the last and that helps keep all the fight scenes fresh and exciting to watch.

The movie also does a great job establishing each character and there motivations, another reason why John wick as a character stands out is because of some brilliant acting from Keanu reeves. One of my issues is the plot, it feels like they really could of done something great with it but instead stuck with some generic revenge story, but something that stops this from being a glaring issue is that the films realises and makes sure that the story is easy to follow.

William Defoe is absolutely fantastic in this film and feels perfect for the role. There were a few characters that I didn't feel we're not necessary

Overall this film has some fantastic world building, mostly great acting and brilliant fight scenes make this movie great watch.

There's a reason why John Wick works big time as an atypical action film.

The film is dark, brutal and everything an extremely serious action film should be.

The first 30 minutes are enough to prove this.

Then we have some really unconventional action sequences that are both real and stylized at the same time. Keanu Reeves is really one of the greatest action stars, and this role is pretty much tailor-made for him.

While the film might feel slow in the beginning, you can realize it later on that like any other intelligent action movie, it needed a proper setup to get us invested emotionally in the characters and action sequences that follow.


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John Wick turns out to be different from other killing-machine practitioners in terms of its action and the universe it's set in. Every character has something to offer to the story, and the action sequences are filmed in a natural and realistic style. Honestly, I was expecting another quick-cutting action choreography like in most modern action movies (Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the quick cutting technique), but the long-take action choreography involving mostly guns won me over. This is Hollywood action cinema at its best.

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